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Minister Safeen Dizayee in virtual meeting with KRG Representatives

Minister Safeen Dizayee in virtual meeting with KRG Representatives

Head of the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Safeen Diyazee, held a virtual meeting with the KRG’s representatives abroad, in order to discuss the latest political, economic, humanitarian and health developments in the Kurdistan Region, in Iraq, and the wider the region. Dr. Mustafa Ramazan, KRG representative in Austria, also took parte in the meeting.

Minister Dizayee briefed the KRG representatives on the current situation and the KRG’s position and policies, adding that the KRG supports the new Iraqi government led by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and calls for Kurdistan’s rights to be implemented as prescribed by the 2005 Iraqi constitution. Furthermore, the Head of DFR underlined that government’s hopes to soon reach an agreement with Baghdad with respect th the resolution of all outstanding issues.

On the Strategic Dialogue between Iraq and the US, Minister Dizayee explained the meaning of the agreement for both countries: Iraq still needs military and logistical support for the revival of its economic infrastructure, and the United States aim to support Iraq in counter-terrorism operations in light of the increase of IS activities.

With regards to the coronavirus pandemic, Minister Dizayee briefed the representatives on the ties with the diplomatic missions, UN agencies and NGOs that are providing assistance to contain the virus.

The representatives abroad shared update on their current activities and showcased how they managed the coronavirus crisis in their hosting countries. All the participants exchanged ideas on how to strengthen and promote the Kurdistan Region’s relationships with the international community.



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