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Call for International Elections Observers

Call for International Elections Observers

The Kurdistan Independent High Elections Commission (KHEC) invites international observers for the upcoming Kurdistan Region 2018 Parliament Elections, scheduled for September 30th, 2018.

International observation teams are asked to monitor and verify processes and arrangements put in place by the KHEC, in order to verify that only eligible voters participate, as well as to ensure free and fair elections devoid of coercion, intimidation and violence, and to further witness the vote counting process.

Arrangements will be made to issue observer accreditation to ensure freedom of movement during and after the elections.

Below is a list of all the necessary documents required for registration and accreditation of international observation teams:

Interested parties should download the above documents and use the following contacts to submit the documents and/or request more information:

KHEC coordinator
Zhiar Azad Dizayee
+964 750 448 9201

Department of Foreign Relations coordinator
Harem Kamal Hama Sdeek
+964 750 337 0006