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KRG Representation participates in 45th UN International Bazaar

KRG Representation participates in 45th UN International Bazaar

On 29 and 30 November 2013, the Representation of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Austria participated in the UN International Bazaar for the second consecutive year. The bazaar, which took place for the 45th time at the Vienna International Centre, is organized by the United Nation Women’s Guild in order to raise money for children charity organizations.

The KRG Representation in Austria in cooperation with the Iraqi Embassy offered treasures from the Kurdistan Region and the rest of Iraq. The joint booth was covered with items specifically imported for this occasion, such as hand-knotted carpets and bags, beautiful golden and silver jewellery with colourful stones, traditional belts for women as well as Tasbihs, prayer chains that are very common in the region.

Dr. Mustafa Ramazan, the KRG Representative to Austria, also attended the UN Bazaar and supported the colourfully and elegantly dressed staff. “Participating in the international bazaar together with our friends from the Iraqi Embassy is very important to us. Not only can we help to raise money for children in need, it also provides us with the opportunity to familiarize people with our rich Kurdish culture”, Dr. Ramazan explained.

The KRG Representation offered visitors a diverse range of Kurdish products: Two highlights were Klash, Kurdish shoes hand-crafted out of sheep wool in traditional fashion, and Lfkas, which are washcloths made out of rough wool. Spices and culinary specialities of the Kurdistan Region were also sold at the bazaar. Different sweets, pomegranate syrup, dried apricots and mulberries, wild pistachios and sesame bread intrigued the numerous guests. International musical and cultural performances were also an integral element of the event. The performance of the Kurdish musician Asmat Omari and his colleagues brought the sounds of traditional Kurdish and Arabic music into the halls of the Bazaar.

The UN international bazaar is an annual event organized by the United Nations Women´s Guild Vienna in order to generate funds for several children charity organizations. It allows countries and regions the possibility to meet with the general public and promote understanding, respect and interest for different cultures.