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Movie screening in De France Cinema: Halabja – The Lost Children

Movie screening in De France Cinema: Halabja – The Lost Children

On Monday, 16 March 2015, a movie screening took place in the De France cinema in Vienna on the occasion of the 27th commemoration of the poison gas attacks on Kurdish-Iraqi town of Halabja. The movie which was screened was the award winning documentary “Halabja – The Lost Children”.

Filmabend ART  (9 von 19)The thrilling documentation tells the story of 21 year old Ali. After 21 years, Ali returns to his birth town Halabja in Northern Iraq to find his family. Five families hope him to be their missing child. Among them the family of the school teacher and artist Fakhradin, who lost five children through the poison gas attack of Saddam Hussein back in 1988.

Filmabend ART  (6 von 19)The Movie screening was organized by the KRG Representation in Austria, which also invited the director of the movie Akram Hidou, and the witness of the Halabja attacks Kayvan Amin Mohammed. After the screening, Mr Hidou gave an insight in the production of the movie and was available for questions together with Mr. Mohammed. The mixed crowd commended director Hidou for his moving documentary, which had caused quite some emotions among the audience.

The KRG Representation in Austria thanks Akram Hidou, Kayvan Avin Mohammed, and all who attended the movie screening for this successful evening.