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Iraqi Foreign Minister in the Kurdistan Region

Iraqi Foreign Minister in the Kurdistan Region

Foreing Minsiter of Iraq, Mr. Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, visit the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He met with President Nechirvan Barzani and Prime Minister Masour Barzani.

Prime Minister Barzani called for a de-escalation of tensions and affirmed that the Kurdistan Region is committed to ensuring the stability of the country. He also stated that the Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to engage constructively with the Federal Government of Iraq, within the context of a mutually respectful relationship that recognises the rights of the Kurdistan Region as laid down in the constitution. President Barzani and the Foreign Finister discussed the latest developments in Iraq as well as the ongoing demonstrations in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and other provinces. They also shed light on the legitimate demands of the protesters for basic services, better future and decent living-standards. The two sides also spoke about the violent handling of the protesters and reiterated the need to seriously bring an end to the violence against demonstrators and to address their grievances.

The Prime Minister affirmed the need for the new federal government to be inclusive and representative of the will of all the peoples of Iraq. President Barzani and Foreign Minister al-Hakim emphasized the need to resolve the pending issues and to deescalate the tensions in Iraq as well as restoring peace and stability in the country and bringing the political process back to the right path.

Minister al-Hakim’s visit was also an occasion to inaugurate the new Consular Department for Legalization Section in Erbil and Slemani. At the ceremony, Head of the Department of Foreign Relations Safeen Dizayee explained that these new offices will offer more efficient facilities and services to the Kurdistan citizens. He stressed his hope that this is another supportive step in the bilateral efforts between Erbil and Baghdad.


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