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ORF fundraising campaign “Neighbor in Need” – A call for support

ORF fundraising campaign “Neighbor in Need” – A call for support

Austrian broadcasting service ORF has expanded its large-scale fundraising campaign “Neighbor in Need” (Nachbar in Not) to help refugees in Iraq. Money raised from this campaign is given to support the charitable refugee projects of various international aid organizations.

“Neighbor in Need”, which was initiated in the context of the Balkan wars in 1992, has already been providing support to aid organizations working with Syrian refugees. The project has since been expanded to assist the 1.5 million refugees who have fled to the Kurdistan Region in fear of IS. Since June 2014 IS has discriminately targeted religious and ethnic minorities of Iraq.

In regard to the enormous number of refugees, ORF general director Dr. Alexander Wrabetz stated that it would not be justifiable to merely report on the situation without helping. Therefore, the entire ORF supports the aid for the refugees in order to mitigate the horrors of the war and the dangers of the approaching winter.

Chairman of “Neighbor in Need”, Christoph Schweifer, stated: “Many had to leave their houses within hours, only taking their most important belongings with them, and had to witness, how friends got killed. People are desperate and traumatized. Now we have to do everything to secure their survival throughout the winter. All support counts!”

Due to limited resources in the Kurdistan Region, local authorities have not been able to help all those who have fled. Many refugees sleep in tents and on construction sites and therefore are fully exposed to cold temperatures, which is expected to reach below zero in the coming days.

Participating aid organizations of “Neighbors in Need” include Caritas, Red Cross, Care, Diakonie, Hilfswerk, Malteser, Samaritans, and Volkshilfe, which are all working together to help these refugees on location.

For an overview of the different aid organizations and their projects (German), click here.

NEIGHBOR IN NEED – Winter support Syria and Iraq
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