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President Barzani’s speech at Kurdish Flag Day

President Barzani’s speech at Kurdish Flag Day

President Nechirvan Barzani took part in a ceremony today at the Kurdistan Region Presidency office in Erbil, where the Kurdistan flag was raised to commemorate Kurdistan Flag Day.

During the ceremony, attended by Sheikh Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa, Vice President of the Kurdistan Region, President Nechirvan Barzani delivered the following address:

Honourable families of our martyrs,
Our valiant Peshmerga,
Our armed forces,
Fellow Kurdistanis here and across the globe,

I salute you on this auspicious Flag Day.

As we proudly raise our flag on this significant day, let it serve as a reminder of the resilience and unity of our people.

The Kurdistan flag is a magnificent tapestry, woven with the sacrifices of so many, and with the unwavering determination of all those who consider Kurdistan their home and nation.

May the colors of our flag kindle the noble aspirations and values within us. White represents the yearning for justice, peace, and coexistence. Green embodies the will to revive, persevere, and strive. Red signifies the spirit of resistance and our humble respect for those who lost their lives in the pursuit of Kurdistan’s freedom. And let the yellow sun on our flag be a beacon of hope for our right to self-determination.

This flag not only symbolizes our unified homeland but also connects the hearts of all those who belong to this land, wherever they are. So as we raise the flag today, let it renew our commitment to overcoming divisions, to respecting our differences, and to collectively building a nation that embodies the aspirations of all those residing in Kurdistan. May Kurdistan remain a haven of coexistence and a shining example of tolerance in our region and the world.

Our flag is a symbol of our shared aspirations, a symbol of our steadfastness in the face of challenges. It represents our dedication to a brighter future for all.

As we hoist the flag high in the boundless sky, let us draw strength from it. Let it remind us of the infinite potential that lies within our collective efforts.

May the sense of pride and honor we feel today serve as a catalyst for us to strive for even greater goals, remarkable accomplishments, a shared sense of purpose and enthusiasm, and a collective love for our nation and all its inhabitants. United under this emblematic symbol of our shared identity, let us progress together, with increased strength and determination, to etch our people’s magnificence and achievements onto the annals of history.

On this momentous occasion, let us pay tribute to the revered souls of those who sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of freedom, under the shadow of this flag.

I salute those who have tirelessly labored to transform the aspirations of our people into reality, under the auspices of this flag. I salute the valiant Peshmerga who persistently strive for the prosperity and tranquility of our nation, never ceasing their noble struggle.

We extend our best wishes to all those who toil and endeavor for a brighter future for our country, under the protection of this flag.

Today, we stand together and proclaim:

May the flag continue to wave proudly and fly high. Long live Kurdistan.

We warmly welcome each and every one of you to our Flag Day celebration.

Thank you.

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