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Prime Minister Barzani Attended Conference for KRG representatives abroad

Prime Minister Barzani Attended Conference for KRG representatives abroad

On 28 January 2024, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani attended a conference in Erbil for KRG representatives abroad, with Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani also in attendance.

Prime Minister Barzani delivered a speech at the conference, highlighting the significant progress made in the Kurdistan Region’s foreign and international relations over recent years, as well as the increasing number of foreign consulates and diplomatic missions opening within the Kurdistan Region.

Below is an excerpt from Prime Minister Barzani’s speech:

“It is a pleasure to witness the expansion and development of the Kurdistan Region’s foreign and international relations in recent years. The increasing presence of foreign consulates and diplomatic missions in the Kurdistan Region is a testament to this, and we have plans to further expand our representation abroad in the future, particularly among our key friends and allies. This expansion is aimed at fostering friendship and enhancing economic, cultural, scientific, and academic ties.

“Internationally, the KRG has made significant strides, marked by high-level foreign visits to the Kurdistan Region and the active participation of the region in various international forums and conferences.

“As a constitutional and legal entity within Iraq, the Kurdistan Region has always been a beacon of security and peace in Iraq and the broader region. We are committed to cultivating the best possible relationships with neighbouring countries and the international community, aiming to develop and strengthen our foreign and international relations on the principles of mutual interest and respect.

“The Kurdistan Regional Government has established itself as a vital, effective, and reliable partner to the international community. The region has garnered global attention for its stability and as a centre for the peaceful coexistence of diverse ethnicities and communities.

“The Kurdistan Region has never posed a threat to anyone and has always extended hands of friendship both regionally and internationally. It is essential to consider our mutual interests and strive to protect these shared interests with regional and global partners. The sovereignty of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq must be respected and upheld.

“I extend my gratitude to the countries that have stood by the Kurdistan Region since the issuance of United Nations Security Council Resolution 688, which led to the establishment of the Kurdistan Region, Kurdistan Parliament, and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Their ongoing support, particularly in the fight against the terrorist organisation known as the Islamic State, continues to this day.

“We boast a significant and influential Kurdish diaspora abroad. They have made substantial contributions to their communities, holding prominent and respected positions in political, scientific, and academic fields.

“We take pride in the achievements of the Kurdish Diaspora, viewing them as a shining representation of our society abroad. Their crucial role in promoting Kurdish culture, advocating for the rights of the Kurdish people, and contributing to the progress, reform, infrastructure development, and overall prosperity of Kurdistan is invaluable.

“The KRG representations abroad and the Kurdish diaspora must foster effective coordination, cooperation, and strong relationships. The representations must act as a home for Kurds abroad, providing them with essential facilities, and work with them to promote Kurdish causes by fostering efficient political, economic, and trade relations with foreign nations that align with the best interests of Kurdistan.

“The KRG has recently faced various challenges, including political, security, economic, and financial obstacles. Our adversaries have attempted by all means to hinder the progress, prosperity, and stability of the Kurdistan Region. However, with God’s grace, the resilience of our people, and the heroism of the Peshmerga forces, we will overcome these challenges.

“The will of our people is stronger than any conspiracy, and we will not succumb to relinquishing our rights under any pressure.

“In conclusion, I extend my best wishes for the success of this conference, anticipating positive outcomes that will contribute to the further development of our international relations.

“May Kurdistan always prosper.”

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