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Prime Minister Barzani speaks at presentation of tourism project in Zakho

Prime Minister Barzani speaks at presentation of tourism project in Zakho

On Monday, August 14, 2023, Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), unveiled the Dalal Corniche tourism project in Zakho. Praising the region’s progress, the Prime Minister emphasized that Dalal Corniche is not an isolated achievement for the Zakho Autonomous Administration, standing among 170 other successful projects spanning various sectors.

Below is an excerpt from PM Barzani’s speech:

“In the Name of God, Most Merciful,
Esteemed guests, dear sisters, and brothers,

I am humbled to be here today, marking the inauguration of this significant project, completed in such a commendable time frame. My heartiest congratulations to the people of Zakho and the wider Kurdistan community. I trust you will cherish and value this accomplishment. My gratitude extends to the company that spearheaded this project, the Autonomous Administration of Zakho, and its unwavering residents.

Witnessing the fruition of promises made to our people is immensely rewarding. We have more aspirations for Zakho, including the imminent construction of a 60-metre road. Moreover, I pledge our continued commitment to the development of Dalal Corniche until the entire completion of the Khabur River in Zakho.

Our journey hasn’t been without challenges. The Kurdish populace, both as individuals and as a government, has grappled with financial, political, and security hurdles, particularly in the past year. However, with the grace of God and our people’s indomitable spirit, we have withstood these challenges, never succumbing to external pressures, thereby realizing many of our aspirations.

I’d like to share that the KRG has been actively engaging with Baghdad, dispatching multiple delegations to discuss the budget and the export mechanisms for Kurdistan Region’s oil. While we seek a harmonious agreement that serves both the people of Kurdistan and Iraq, we remain steadfast in upholding our constitutional rights and entitlements. Our objective is a peaceful resolution to the lingering issues with Baghdad, and soon, another delegation will be dispatched focusing primarily on budget negotiations. Any pressures to compromise our constitutional rights will be met with resistance. I assure you, our commitment to these rights is unwavering.

Relying on divine guidance and the trust of our people, I remain hopeful. I am optimistic about the timely allocation of the Kurdistan Region’s budget and the consistent payment of public sector salaries. We earnestly hope for a peaceful accord with the Iraqi government and trust that they will refrain from politicizing the budget to disadvantage the Kurdistan Region.”

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