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Prince of Yezidi elected

Prince of Yezidi elected

Mir Hazim Tahseen Beg has been appointed as the new leader of the Yezidi community worldwide. His election arrives six months after late Mir Tahsin passed away.

The leadership of the Kurdistan Region congratulated Mir Hazim Tahseen Beg for this appointment.

Prime Minister Barzani assured that the Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to support the Yezidi community.

President Nechirvan Barzani state the KRG will strive to ensure protection for the Yezidi, especially for those who are still missing.

The Kurdistan Parliament has expressed its congratulations toward the new Mir. Madame Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Fariq, stated that the Kurdistan Parliament is ready to draft a law to institute August 3rd as the national day of Remembrance of the Yezidi Genocide in Sinjar.


Read the congratulation messages:

Prime Minister




Draft for the designation of August 3rd as Remembrance Day for the Yezidi Genocide.