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President Barzani’s statement on the approval of the Federal Budget

President Barzani’s statement on the approval of the Federal Budget

On June 13, President Nechirvan Barzani issued the following statement on the passage of Iraq’s federal budget:

“We welcome the approval of the Iraqi three-year budget bill. We hope it will be a good roadmap for economic development, political stability, and we hope it will create an encouraging environment for investments. We congratulate all those who worked faithfully for the interests of all the citizens and for equality among the Iraqi people.”

“Unfortunately, during the parliamentary debates, some MPs acted wrongfully with regards to the rights and entitlements of the Kurdistan Region and the Disputed Territories. What occurred was not in line with the principles of the political agreement of the State Administration Coalition; and this direction and way of working does not serve the political process, the situation and the future of Iraq.”

“The budget law should be implemented fairly and take into account the status of the Kurdistan Region as a constitutional political entity and the Disputed Territories, and protect their rights and interests. There must be full assurance that the financial entitlements and wages of the Kurdistan Region employees will not be delayed or neglected for political reasons.”

“What we saw during the budget debate is deeply worrying and once again proved the fact that the division among the Kurdistani parties will harm the Kurdistan Region. However, with common political will and by prioritizing the public interest, we can use this as an opportunity to strengthen mutual trust, to organize our internal affairs, to ease tensions, to resolve differences and to further strengthen Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.”

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