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UNODC & KRG address threats posed by foreign terrorist fighters

UNODC & KRG address threats posed by foreign terrorist fighters

With the participation of the KRG Minister of Interior Rebar Ahmed, KRG Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Ms. Kwestan Mohamed, the Director General of the KRG Social Reformatory Department Mr. Ahmed Najmaddin, as well as the US Consul General  in Erbil Mr. Robert Palladino and the UNODC International Programme Coordinators, UNODC-Iraq Launched the first training workshop on the “Risks and Needs Assessment (RNA) Protocols in Prisons and the Related Sentence Planning, and Developing policies and protocols for the implementation and operation of a specified risk and needs assessment for terrorist and FTF prisoners” for the managers and staff of the prisons and reform centers under the jurisdiction of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Mr. Ali El-Bereir, Senior Programme Coordinator and Head of UNODC Office in Iraq, said that UNODC is working very closely with the Federal Government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and has established strong cooperation based on shared objectives, priorities and mutual trust to implement this programme successfully across Iraq, also thanking the United States for their generous funding to this programme.

On behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mr. Rebar Ahmed, Minister of Interior, expressed gratitude to UNODC and USA for this support to strengthen relevant government departments’ capacities to manage and mitigate the threats posed by the terrorist prisoners. Furthermore, Ms. Kwestan Mohamed, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, thanked UNODC for this initiative and technical assistance to the prisons and reform centres under her Ministry’s mandate. The Minister stated that the purpose of prisons needs to be changed from detention and punishment centres to rehabilitation and reform centres to help the offenders to heal and reintegrate into society after completion of their sentences.


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